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    Accurate & Reliable
    Process Simulator: VMGSim

    Optimize the operation of your assets, troubleshoot your operating problems, challenge the way of designing process facilities.


    Powered by a steady state and a dynamic solver VMGSim can work connected to real time data, offering valuable on-line engineering information.

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    Get involved in creating
    Your Solution

    From the prediction of CO2 solid formation in blowdown scenarios to the 15ppm purity specification of fine chemicals, from the challenges of shale gas processing to the dynamic behavior of a sulphur plant, from the hydrocarbon process facilities optimization to the design of clean-technology fuel cells or gasification plants...VMGSim covers all this and more.

  • vmgeurope

    Passion for Process Engineering
    Commitment to the client

    Virtual Materials Group Europe has maintained an on-going commitment to take care about its customers and their challenges, helping them to extract value from simulation.


    This commitment with the clients is based on four core values: experience, technology, know-how, service.

Virtual Materials Group Europe

Our passion is to focus on our core, process simulation.

Our Customer Experience

We aim to bring to our customers the best experience in process simulation by using our software VMGSim™. VMGSim™ is successfully used by companies across the globe in a broad spectrum of industries assisting in their simulation processes, from engineering to oil and gas processing, refining to petrochemical, alternative energy processing to equipment manufacturing.

Our Foundation

VMGSim™ comes powered with what we consider a state-of-the-art thermodynamics engine, VMGThermo™. Accurate and reliable thermodynamics properties and flash estimation are essential for accurate and reliable process simulation and design of process equipment. We have invested many man-years of development, research and regression of experimental data into creating the perfect engine for the simulation flowsheet.

Customer Responsiveness

Additionally, we like to use the expression VMGSim™ is a “live simulation machine”. We continually improve our users’ experience by listening to their ideas, we expand the functionalities of the software by embracing new areas of interest and we look always to excel in what we do. This is permitted by having a team of top-class developers, located in the Calgary headquarter office, who are customer responsive, with requests coming from every corner of the world.



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