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  • Consulting

    Virtual Materials Group Europe is a group of people dedicated to a mission: to enable you (as our client) to obtain the maximum value from your simulation experience with VMGSim™. Our clients have asked us to assist them to fulfill this goal and for this reason we offer a range of services solutions.

    Modeling Services

    Virtual Materials Group Europe can speed up the process of extracting value from simulation. We can support on a variety of steady state and dynamic modeling projects, where we can develop fully or partially the simulation models in VMGSim™ of the process you are interested, no matter whether you are an engineering or an operating company.

    In addition, we can act also as advisors for best practices on simulation approach, where we use our competence in simulation to suggest ways of improving model robustness and speed.

    On-line Modeling and Optimization

    Simulation models alone do not make the difference in the daily operation of a process plant. What makes the difference is how simulation models are used to answer to operational challenges, to plant operators’ questions and business problems.

    We connect simulation models to real plant data and we extract from the models the intelligent information that is needed to understand the performance of your plant, where you could improve by optimizing the operation. We can also expose this information to different levels of your company by building a Web interface inside your internal Web platform.

    Customize your Simulation Flowsheet

    In your plant are you operating a specific unit operation that cannot be represented through the general functionality of any process simulator? (a chemical reactor for instance) Virtual Materials Group Europe can develop a customized unit operation with the interface you set-up and you will have this available with the same functionality as any other common unit operation of the VMGSim™ flowsheet. You will be able to perform what-if studies on that unit operation and to analyze the interaction with the other unit operations of your VMGSim™ simulation flowsheet.

    We can combine this type of consulting activities with the other two previously mentioned (modeling services and on-line modeling and optimization). Do you have an excellent proprietary program (or coded unit operation) with high maintenance costs? We can ensure that your technology will be relevant and useable for years to come by embedding it into VMGSim™.

    Specific Studies

    Virtual Materials Group Europe can help you performing specific studies, like flare load analysis, compressors trains operation, analysis of your control system. All these studies will be performed by using VMGSim™ (steady state or dynamic) as a simulation platform.

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