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    December 2015 – VMG 9.5 release is out!!!

    VMG is is proud to announce the release of VMGSim 9.5.


    1. A new VMGSim Upstream product line.

    This development is meant to serve better the production area and it is addressing particularly the needs of flow-assurance and oil&gas process engineers.


    2. Continuous investment in Downstream development.

    A complete suite of Refinery Reactors (Catalytic Reformer, Hydrotreater, Hydrocracker, FCC, Delayed Coker); possibility of importing H/CAMS crudes; new rating functionalities for Fischer-Tropsch Reactor (Gas-To-Liquids); new coking formation and inhibition mechanism in Ethylene Cracker.


    3. VMGSim Dynamics

    VMGSim V9.5 introduces rigorous non equilibrium representation at the interphase between the phases: engineers do not need fictitious factors, like “time constant to equilibrium” or even worse “equilibrium efficiency”.


    4. Miscellaneous but not less important

    VMG has signed an exclusive alliance with OGT, allowing bringing with VMGSim V9.5 the first version of the link between VMGSim and Protreat.

    VMG has developed a new VMGSim Economics Engine and has extended capabilities on Emissions Calculations.

    An Excel Add-In is now available to drive VMGSim from Microsoft Excel (this is complementing what was already available, running Microsoft Excel inside VMGSim).

    November 2015 – VMG announces acquisition of PHH Eng. Soft.

    VMG is glad to announce the acquisition of the operating assets of PHH Engineering Software Ltd. (PHH).

    PHH is a software company that specializes in providing simulation software services for the upstream oil and gas industry. PHH provides software services in three key areas: reservoir simulation, modelling pipeline gathering systems and production forecasting. This acquisition is a key component in VMG’s business strategy and will provide customers with the ability to model upstream and downstream processes under one platform.


    "We are very pleased that we were able to bring PHH into the VMG family. Consolidation of PHH’s upstream focused software with VMG's suite of products will allow us to accelerate and further develop our upstream services, which has been an integral part of our vision to provide an integrated upstream to downstream modelling solution. Adding PHH’s technology will allow us to significantly enhance our engineering software services for our customersand will enable more cost effective engineering analysis from the reservoir to the refinery gate."

    Tony Vysniauskas, CEO, Virtual Materials Group


    "We see many synergies with becoming part of VMG and are looking forward to passing on the benefits of these synergies to our users. VMG’s property package will help to improve forecasts when experimental fluid data are sparse or the fluids are complex. It will also enhance our ability to assess internal corrosion risk in pipeline licenses. PHH’s upstream modelling capabilities combined with VMG’s downstream simulation capabilities will permit asset wide optimization, from reservoir to plant product. Gasmod’s proven ability to simulate very large systems ensures an ability to handle big and small projects with long production horizons. We are very happy to be part of the VMG family."

    Peter Holst, PHH Founder and President

    September 2015 – VMG and OGT announce exclusive alliance

    VMG is glad to announce our exclusive alliance with Optimized Gas Treating (OGT), a technology company that specializes in mass transfer rate based process simulation software for gas treating.

    By linking VMGSim with ProTreat, we want to combine VMG’s technical differentiator on increased accuracy of fluid property predictions and ability to model an extremely wide range of processing facilities with ProTreat’s proven gas treating predictive models, backed by a database of exceptional quality for the important reaction and mass transfer parameters for a wide range of column internals types and brands.


    "We are very excited to partner with OGT. Now, VMG and OGT customers will be able to link ProTreat and VMGSim to incorporate mass transfer rate based gas treating models into integrated process models. We recognize the expertise and value that an alliance with OGT will bring to customers for enhancing their general flowsheeting capabilities. ProTreat is the industry standard for modeling amine and solvent-based acid gas treating systems. Providing an easy link to OGT’s technology will result in increased ability to provide process solutions to the oil and gas industry."

    Tony Vysniauskas, CEO, Virtual Materials Group


    "We look forward to working closely with VMG to provide full service software solutions to the oil and gas industry. With the integrated power of VMGSim and ProTreat, engineers will have access to best-in-class tools for all their process simulation needs — the highest quality thermodynamics, impeccable flowsheeting capabilities, and the predictive ability of mass transfer rate based tower simulation."

    Ralph Weiland, President and Founder, Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

    April 2015 – PetroChina chooses VMG

    VMG is pleased to announce it was chosen as a software and services provider for PetroChina in a 5 year agreement. A portion of the press release from PetroChina:


    "We are pleased that VMG will be a software and services provider for our corporate-wide Process Simulation and OTS project. ...The evaluation was based mainly on the functionality of the software as well as technical service capabilities...We believe the VMG team, through using very advanced software and with years of process improvement and optimization experiences, will make a great contribution to PetroChina."

    - Zhuang Qinxian, Project Manager PetroChina

    February 2015 – Release of VMGSim 9.0

    Proud to have reached another milestone in providing to the process industry the best modelling simulator, VMGSim 9.0.

    Our latest release offers plenty of great new features including:

    - APRNG2: our new flagship thermodynamic property package for the hydrocarbon industry, an improvement over our APR family, to provide consistent modelling for hydrocarbon rich and water rich phases, using proven mutual solubility models between phases.

    - A new characterization concept: PIONA: this type of characterization is the next generation characterization after the classical pseudo-components characterization (also available in VMGSim). It brings a chemical fingerprint to the characterization techniques and has demonstrated to offer a strong competitive advantage for the upstream and downstream oil industry.

    - A PVT Analysis Utility, to perform the whole PVT calculations on the characterized stream.

    - New Dynamic Functionalities, for pipeline and flow-assurance studies, for blowdown and flaring analysis, for heat transfer calculations, to perform valve noise and relief valve reaction force calculations.

    Click here to have more detail!

    Rate based simulation of Gas Treating processes paper presentation

    Brimstone Vienna

    Our VP of Operations, Michele Manzulli presented this paper (written in collaboration with Procede Gas Treating) at Brimstone Vienna on May 23rd. The main subject is rate-based simulation of gas treating, one of our new developments.

    March 2014 – HTRI Event: Thermodynamic Training

    Marco Satyro from VMG was invited to give a very successful 1-day training inside the scope of the 2014 HTRI European Training Event, which took place in the beautiful Lyon, France.

    Marco's workshop entitled "Selecting the Best VMG Property Package for Xchanger Suite Applications". The workshop focused on identifying and utilizing the correct VMG thermodynamic property models available in Xchanger Suite 7. Marco was also accompanied by VMGE's Michele Manzulli representing VMG's European office.

    An afternoon wine & cheese reception was held whereby Nicolau Goula (VMGE) was at hand for technical questions while presenting practical examples of how VMGSim links with the HTRI Xchanger Suite and the values of linking the two simulation technologies.

    December 2013 – Release of VMGSim 8.0

    VMGE is proud to announce the release of VMGSim 8.0, a significantly more powerful version of our innovative process simulator.

    We've spent a lot of time with this latest release to ensure our customers get the most out of these new features and improvements. We feel everything from the design, user interface, and new process modelling technology offers more functionality, depth and accuracy.

    Click here to check some of the major advances we reached in this new version!

    August 2013 – VMGE Announces its New On-line Tutorials

    VMGE is pleased to announce the availability of easy-to-follow On-line Tutorials in the Private Area of the web.

    We want to supply to our customers with easily accesible self-training videos on our technology, providing best practices on how to use our simulation platforms. The tutorials section  will be expanded in time, starting with the basic functionalities of our simulation technology and covering more and more areas. Our tutorials are short and concentrate on specific subjects, they are easy to follow and teach aspects of immediate applicability.

    In order to access the On-line Tutorials section, simply register on-line, enter the Private Area and start watching!

    March 2013 – VMGE launches its University Program

    VMGE has launched its university program. We value the link with the university world: VMG’s founding team has its roots in the University of Calgary and our aim is to keep a live connection with the academic world. VMGE partners with universities by offering them the possibilities to use VMGSim™ process simulator at no cost to conduct theoretical and practical lessons for lecturers and for students.

    Contact us to join our university program!

    January 2013 – Technical Services Manager joins VMGE team

    VMGE is pleased to announce that the team is growing. Nicolau Goula i Masllorens has joined the Leadership Team as Technical Services Manager. Nicolau is a passionate about process simulation since the time of his master in Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College and his professional life has been dedicated to optimizing engineering design and operational production thorough simulation. In VMGE he will be responsible for the support and services group.

    October 2012 – Release of VMGSim 7.0

    VMGE is proud to announce the release of VMGSim 7.0.
    VMGSim 7.0 is a major milestone in VMG’s objective of continuing to develop the best process simulation software. The paradigm for this release is Speed, Substance and Style. Read more and find the highlights of the new features and updates by clicking on the brochure!

    September 2012 – VMG opens its European HQ

    Due to VMG’s growing success in Canada, U.S. & Asia, VMG Inc has decided to open its European HQ based in Barcelona, Spain. The licensing, support and project implementation will now take place also on a European Level. VMG offers VMGSim™ process simulator with industry recognised technological advantages and the team will be happy to help customers to get the maximum return from the adoption of process simulation.

    We are delighted to welcome Sergi Sama and Michele Manzulli to the VMGE Leadership Team: combined they bring 35 years of technical expertise in process modelling for the hydrocarbon industry.



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