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  • VMGSim™vmgsim

    Process Simulator

    Virtual Materials Group Inc product family focuses on process simulation. Our technology is used daily by our clients to challenge the way they design plants and how they operate units. We define our client experience as “the freedom to be able to do things differently”, to try something new and therefore innovative

    It is our powerful simulator. VMGSim™ which is used around the world to model existing processes and to design new facilities from the ground up. The applications built with VMGSim™ span from Oil&Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical to Alternative Energies.

      Its main characteristics:
    • An easy to use interface, powered by Microsoft Visio®, the standard solution for your
    • An extensive library of unit operations, that keeps expanding
    • State-of-the-art thermodynamic engine
    • Bi-directional information propagation
    • Powerful regressing and optimizing tool
    • Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel®
    • Connectivity to the On-line world through OPC Server-Client
    • Reporting capabilities to generate quality Equipment Datasheet

    You concentrate on understanding your process while VMGSim™ handles the mathematics and physics.

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  • VMGThermo™vmgthermo

    Thermophysical property calculator

    At the heart of VMGSim™ is VMGThermo™, our thermophysical property calculator capable of accurately predicting the behavior of complex fluid mixtures.

    VMGThermo™ is also a stand alone product. Its well defined programming interface gives it the flexibility to be embedded in any software that needs thermodynamic calculations or in any engineering application.

    VMGThermo™ is continuously validated, giving it the capability to model a wide variety of systems.

    We care so much about the accuracy of our thermodynamics engine that Virtual Materials Group was the first process simulation company to join NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which belongs to the United States Department of Commerce. NIST owns the Thermodynamics Research Centre (TRC), which focuses its work exclusively on collecting and evaluating the physical properties of fluids. Embedding proven TRC data into VMGThermo™ allows building exceptionally accurate virtual processing models.

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  • VMGSim™ Dynamicsvmgsim dynamics

    Dynamic Capability

    Dynamic simulation gives you more value from your model building investment through the added dimension of time dependent phenomena analysis. 

    VMGSim™ and VMGSim™ Dynamics allow you to switch between steady state and dynamics models, but also has the unique capability to construct a dynamic model alongside your steady state model, so that you can work with both models simultaneously. 


    A comprehensive dynamic pressure-flow solver is the heart of VMGSim™ Dynamics. Controllers, event schedulers, stripcharts, historians are all delivered inside the dynamics technology.


    Additionally VMGSim™ contains a Flowsheet Assistant that can guide the user in building step by step dynamic models for depressuring scenarios and for compressor trains. This approach has been demonstrated to reduce the learning curve required in building these models.

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    Unique capabilities

    Besides the traditional application in the hydrocarbon industry, there are other more specific areas where  VMGSim™ offers unique capabilities:

      Technologies we cover
    • Sulphur Plant: the collaboration with Sulfur Recovery Engineering has allowed combining know-how on sulfur plant operation with a simulation platform.
    • Gasification: whether for power generation or for product synthesis (chemical, fertilization, substitute natural gas), VMGSim can simulate a wide variety of gasification technologies and gasifier types.
    • Ethylene Cracking: the reactor allows predictive trending of a matched steam cracking reactor. The overall model involves both furnace and process side calculations.
    • Fuel Cells: VMGSim unit operations library includes accurate models of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). 
    • Fischer Tropsch: Advanced fixed bed Fischer-Tropsch rector modeling is also available through selected permission from the FT Consortium.

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