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Shorten the learning curve for new and existing employees with our hands on approach 

  • Training

    Virtual Materials Europe offers a wide variety of training courses on VMGSim™, steady state and dynamics. Training the users of our technology is a fundamental step in trying to accelerate the learning curve in how to best use our software.

    Training Modules

    We prefer to adapt our training sessions to your specific needs, building specific modules that apply to your industry. No matter whether you are in Oil&Gas,Refinery, Petrochemical or in Alternative Energies. We will customize the training course to what you will give you most value . The duration of the courses is flexible depending on individual requirements.

    Educational Programs

    In addition to in house trainings, we offer the possibility for customers to engage in educational programs, where we partner in a structured long-term plan of training sessions on the technology we offer. This will permit scheduled classroom sessions according to your needs to continue training all employees, new and old in your organization. At the same time this solution will rationalize the cost of the trainings, maximizing therefore the return on your investment.

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